The oral mouth concept
Relax - detox - neural awakening

General information on oral care

A well-groomed mouth and healthy teeth are much more than a visually pleasing appearance. They are an expression of mindfulness and a sense of responsibility towards one's own body and are also a prerequisite for good digestion.

The mouth as a mirror of our state of health and our vitality requires appropriate care and hygiene. Since this has to be done every day, the choice of care products is of particular importance.

Toxins must be avoided entirely. The familiar brushing of teeth should be extended by cleaning the tongue and rinsing the entire oral cavity.

The oral mouth concept describes this comprehensive dental and oral care. It offers the possibility of eliminating deposits and toxins and using harmless care products to achieve a clean feeling in the mouth and an increased sense of well-being.

1. Tongue cleaning

tongue lobes

The oral cavity should not only be seen as a place for crushing food, but also as a way of detoxifying the body. Toxins that have accumulated during the night can be excreted through the oral cavity in the morning. For this reason, tongue cleaning is the beginning of the oral mouth concept. It is done in the morning on an empty stomach and serves to remove deposits and reduce bacteria around the tongue.
Tongue flaps or “Tongue Towels” (TT) are suitable for this purpose, with which the soft, wipeable coating on the tongue can be removed. The tongue lobes are packaged sterile and are thrown away after one use.
Application: Swipe the tongue from the throat to the teeth with the tongue flap. Wiping the tongue is usually associated with a slight gag reflex. This is particularly helpful in the morning, as it is used for detoxification and has a positive neuronal effect on the body. By emulating the sensation of a deep yawn, wiping your tongue can create maximum relaxation. The tongue is then dry and optimally prepared for the subsequent oil rinse.

2. Oil pulling

Araschied oil mouthwash with sage

Oil pulling is the second step in the oral concept and should also be done in the morning.
The oils in the mouthwash stabilize the formation of the physiological mouth fora and - in contrast to conventional mouth care products - do not destroy it. They bind bacteria and help eliminate toxins through the oral cavity. The oils also have an anti-inflammatory effect
Application: After the tongue has been cleaned and dried by the "Tongue Towels", put a small amount (1 - 2 capfuls) of the oil into the oral cavity. Move it back and forth there. "Pull" it through your teeth and try to "mash" the oil with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. The oil mixes with the saliva. Please do not swallow the oil, but spit it out again after 5 - 10 minutes (even longer). The oil binds toxins that should be excreted!
Then the teeth are cleaned with oil toothpaste.
Ingredients: sunflower oil, black cumin oil, sage oil

3. Brushing your teeth

oil toothpaste

The oil toothpaste consists of various oils, brine and earth - nothing more.

It is free from fluorides, surface relaxants, surfactants, solvents and preservatives.
A bionized glass jar serves as packaging, naturally free of plasticizers.
Application: Dip the bristles of your dampened toothbrush into the toothpaste or apply the toothpaste to your toothbrush with a wooden spatula. Brush your teeth as usual.
Ingredients: oils, chalk, brine, healing earth.
The oil toothpaste is available in different flavors.

4. Refreshment

Afterbrush - mouth spray

The after brush mouth spray completes the oral mouth concept. It is based on pure oil and ensures fresh breath. It also has a disinfecting effect and supports the body's ability to detoxify.
After brush is tasty and invigorates the mouth after brushing your teeth.
Application: After brushing your teeth, spray a short burst of spray into the oral cavity and let the mouth spray take effect. You can swallow it with no worries.
Ingredients: Linseed oil with essential oil blend

Oral stomatological concept big

Oral stomatological concept big

The oral mouth concept large contains:     Arashied Oil Mouthwash 200ml &nb..

Oral stomatological concept premium

Oral stomatological concept premium

The oral mouth concept pemium contains:     Arashied Oil Mouthwash 200ml &n..

Oral stomatological concept small

Oral stomatological concept small

The oral mouth concept small contains:     Arashied Oil Mouthwash 95ml &nbs..

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