Tongue Pads 10 pieces

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The oral cavity may not only be seen as a food crushing organ, but also as a possiblity for body detoxification. The toxins, which are accumulated during the night, can be expelled through the oral cavity in the morning.
The tongue cleaning is the first step of the oral stomatological concept. In the morning in sober situation Tongue Cleaning is for clearance of depositions and bacteria reduction around the tongue with this tongue pads or “tongue towels”, the soft, superficial plaque can be removed. The tongue pads are sterile packed disposables (after single time usage).
Application: please scrub your tongue with tongue pads from throat to front side. The cleaning of tongue can irritate gag reflex. This is very helpful especially in the morning, it can remove the toxins and positively activate our somatic nerve system. When you have the feeling of deep yawning after tongue cleaning, then you have generated the maximum relaxation of tongue.
S ubsequently, the tongue is dry and optimal prepared for following oil wash.

Individually sterile packed Tongue Towels made of organic cotton 10 pieces

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