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Why ferment-active organic cultures?

Ferment-active organic cultures are live, beneficial bacteria that should normally be found in many healthy and natural foods. However, our food today is largely sterile or contains preservatives. These make food durable for an excessively long time and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the digestive process due to the preserving effect. However, selected ferment-active organic cultures have a positive influence on the balance in our intestinal flora! A healthy intestinal flora consists of over 400 different strains of bacteria. These bacteria live with us in a symbiosis and are very important for our health. We have ten times more intestinal bacteria than our own body cells. Together, these bacteria weigh two to three kilograms. However, the healthy environment or the natural composition of the intestinal flora can change as a result of stress and other burdens. Bacteria that produce fermenting or acidic substances in their metabolism can multiply excessively. Such degradation products can have an unfavorable effect on the metabolism. It is therefore particularly important to support our microbiome in staying healthy.

What can Rekult do in the mouth?
A healthy bacterial colonization in our mouth reduces the penetration of harmful substances into our body, which can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer, allergies, dementia or intestinal diseases. Humans can absorb the effective microorganisms particularly quickly and effectively via the mucous membranes. In addition to daily oral hygiene, a healthy oral microbiome can also be helpful for the entire body. Rekult is antioxidant and contains important bioactive plant substances and enzymes that can strengthen the immune system. 5 sprays up to 5 times a day can help build and maintain bacterial balance in the microbiome.

What is special about Rekult?
Rekult's unique recipe is tailored to the sensitive organic processes and needs. Selected ingredients are gently fermented over a period of one year. Through a further, multi-stage fermentation and filtering process, we create a coordinated and particularly strong symbiosis of the more than 30 selected microorganism strains, which can contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy microbiome. Valuable trace elements (e.g. vitamin A, E) are produced during this fermentation process, as well as natural, vital antioxidants which protect the body from oxidative stress.

Natural mode of action of Rekult
With over 30 strains of microorganisms, the microbiotic mouth spray colonizes the oral mucosa and tongue and helps you to create and maintain a healthy bacterial balance. Our bacteria are selected, community-based, coordinated, non-GMO live strains. As a specially fermented, non-sterilized mouth spray, it offers a variety of life-enhancing bacteria, other essential enzymes, bioactive plant substances, antioxidants and vitamins as an everyday dietary supplement.

Why do we need bacteria in and on the body?
Bacteria are everywhere in the world, in us, on us and around us. They form, promote and sustain life. Everything organic consists of innumerable microorganisms, which have their task of preserving life. When diversity and balance is disrupted, pathogens, known as bad bacteria, outnumber them and fuel decay. In order to keep our microbiome healthy, it is important to maintain the balance. And preferably completely natural.
Ingredients: bacteria and lots of love.

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