• Araschied oil moutwash

Araschied oil moutwash

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Oil mouthwash consists of sunflower, sage and black cumin oil.
Araschied is in accordance with the Siberian oil pulling cure a refinement of this by traditional Siberian oils.


After the tongue is cleaned and dried by the "Tongue Towels", put a small amount (1 - 2 capfuls) of the oil into the oral cavity. Move it back and forth there. "Pull" it through your teeth and try to "mash" the oil on the roof of your mouth with your tongue. The oil will mix with the saliva in the process. Please do not swallow the oil, but spit it out after 5 - 10 minutes - even longer. The oil binds toxins that should be excreted!
Then clean your teeth with the oil toothpaste.

Explanation of Arashied:

It is an ancient Russian tradition to improve the detoxification ability of oral mucous membranes via a clean oral cavity.
A large part of bacteria and their VSC complexes are lipid soluble. By cleaning with oils, the bacteria are reduced and the biofilm is reduced. With a stabilized immune system, the body is able to rebuild a physiological oral flora. This oral flora is the basis for normal digestion, thereby directly and indirectly influencing the colonization of the intestines and the digestion that takes place there.
The normalization of the germ situation in the mouth relieves the tasks of Waldeyer`s pharyngeal ring. It strengthens the immune system directly and again indirectly.
A cleaning of the oral cavity promotes the tactility of the tongue, leads thereby by this tactile stimulus "of the now clean conditions" to the better mobility of the tongue and causes thereby again a better self-cleaning of the oral cavity in consequence of the increased saliva secretion and the cleaning of the tongue.
This simple example shows again, how by little effort a positive interaction is pushed, which multiplies itself in the effect. The self-healing powers, detoxification possibilities and self-cleansing powers in the body organize themselves if one creates only small positive changes in the appropriate places.
Through the mucous membranes of the mouth comes the detoxification of some medicines, and sometimes metals. The ways of detoxification differ from individual to individual and change in individual life situations depending on the toxin load and also depending on which possibilities of detoxification are currently available. For example, if the ability to detoxify via the intestines is not currently possible, the skin may be used as the detoxification organ, depending on which normal pathway is blocked and which next choice pathway is available. This variability of detoxification always gives the body more options to use when the normal path does not work.

vegan, natural, animal-free


Sunflower oil, black cumin oil, sage oil.
Contents: 200 ml


natural components of the essential oil: limonene, linalool

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