• NAM- Magnesiumöl mit DMSO und Lavendel

NAM- Magnesiumöl mit DMSO und Lavendel

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The oil offers a ready-to-use solution for use in the health and wellness sector.
It can be sprayed directly onto the skin for absorption or on a specific area of the body
rub in.

Benefits of external use:

  • According to the literature, up to 90% of the magnesium offered is absorbed.
  • It is also included in existing absorption problems, as the entire digestive system is bypassed. The magnesium enters the bloodstream directly through the skin and from there quickly into the cells.
  • Maintaining a healthy magnesium level: Apply magnesium oil to the limbs once a day massage
  • Another tip: After a shower, the skin is more receptive!
  • Absorbs very quickly into the skin.

Due to EU regulations (Health Claims Regulation), it is forbidden to provide information
to produce health-promoting effects. Our information was all obtained from literature searches


For muscle and joint pain or muscle tension, spray on the painful area and
massage in lightly. A strong promotion of blood circulation can briefly lead to a feeling of
Pinpricks or itching like stinging nettles.

Why magnesium oil with DMSO?

According to scientist and author Dr. Hartmut Fischer you can see the different
Reduce the effects of DMSO to the following common denominator: DMSO supports and effects - also with
serious damage to tissue - the reorganization and regeneration of cells or protects
the body proactively.


Valuable violet glass for optimal protection of the products against the harmful effects of light, increases the
Durability and extends their effectiveness.


Keep out of reach of children.
Store in the dark at room temperature.
36M durability

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