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Birch water has the quality of pure cell water.

Every year, birch water can be obtained for two weeks in the spring through a small tube drilled into the trunk. This method is ancient and has been proven not to harm the tree.
The obtained birch water, purified on its way through the roots to the trunk, has the quality of pure cellular water.
The northern peoples drank this water fresh for the recovery and strengthening of the body for the coming year.
It was only later that people wanted to be able to enjoy this beneficial juice not just for two weeks, but for the whole year. Various methods of preservation have been handed down.
We use lactic acid bacteria for preservation. This refines the juice and makes it even more valuable.

Birch water is used to support detoxification cures

In Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia and the northern parts of Russia, birch sap has been used as a foodstuff since its cultivation by humans.
obtained. For generations in these northern countries - where birch is very common - the beneficial birch sap has been used to support detoxification cures.

BirchBizz: Organic lemonade made from birch water

Refreshing, beneficial and delicious - every day!


100% natural birch juice (not pasteurized), lemon, lactic acid, raisins.

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