• Oral stomatological concept big

Oral stomatological concept big

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The oral mouth concept large contains:
     Arashied Oil Mouthwash 200ml
     Oil toothpaste 100ml
     Tongue flaps 30 pieces

The oral mouth concept

General information on oral care

A well-groomed mouth and healthy teeth are much more than a visually pleasing appearance. They are an expression of mindfulness and a sense of responsibility towards one's own body and are also a prerequisite for good digestion.
The mouth as a mirror of our state of health and our vitality requires appropriate care and hygiene. Since this has to be done every day, the choice of care products is of particular importance.

Toxins must be avoided entirely. The familiar brushing of teeth should be extended by cleaning the tongue and rinsing the entire oral cavity.
The oral mouth concept describes this comprehensive dental and oral care. It offers the possibility of eliminating deposits and toxins and using harmless care products to achieve a clean feeling in the mouth and an increased sense of well-being.

Today's society is exposed to a wide range of environmental pollution: an ever-increasing variety of artificial substances, toxins in food and care products, questionable packaging materials or electrosmog are just a few of the components that cause problems for our body.
Pantarey is trying to counteract this by dealing with the major issues of nutrition and health for several years. It offers cooking ingredients and cosmetic products with natural raw materials in organic quality. It has always been a concern to meet individual and ecological requirements.
The requirements for pantarey products are as follows:

     as few ingredients as possible
     raw materials completely free of toxins – the products should be edible
     Transparency in the origin of the products
     short ways of processing
     Non-toxic and ecologically responsible packaging

The company pantarey - "everything flows" - wants to try with its products to bring the life energy of every human being back into a healthy flow.

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